Case Studies

Russell Moon, CEO of PerioSciences
“I was impressed with how quickly GPG Ventures grasped my business model and led our raise.  Within a relatively short time they committed to lead the round and had it oversubscribed with a raise over $2M.”

Doug Murphy-Chutorian CEO of Semler Scientific maker of the FloChec device
“The principals at GP&G come from an operational background having surmounted the real world challenges of building a business, which I immediately liked. And then after having invested, they rolled up their sleeves and made the connections to present our products to the medical community. The combination of investment dollars and revenue dollars is hard to beat!!”

Bankim Mehta CEO of Serene Medical
“I knew of the GP&G founders' background and their extensive relationships with physicians and ability for these relationships to help my business. The synergies between physicians as both investors and customers through GP&G made it quite a unique relationship. It was also reassuring to see our technology validated as an investment to the market in which we deployed our product.”

Jim Rellas, MD, Investor
"I've invested in 8 businesses through GP&G already and it's a great source of new opportunities. I'm too busy to attend the necessary 100's of presentations and have no time for doing due diligence so investing with GP&G is a great way to put my money to work. Their ability to find deals, vet them and structure them is something that is of real value to me as an individual accredited investor." Jim Rellas, MD