Investment Strategy
Green Park & Golf’s strategy

Green Park & Golf’s strategy is grounded in the successful methodologies that Dr. Heighten and Mr. Soderstrom used in building MedicalEdge and PhyServe. We are looking for:

  • Companies that treat others with compassion, dignity and respect
  • Fresh ideas, and ones that can be “disruptive” to the norms in their market space
  • Passionate, seasoned, and energetic management teams of two or more
  • Large market opportunities with high barriers to entry
  • Alignment of incentives across the owners, management, and employees
Green Park & Golf enjoys superior deal flow as a result of our past experiences and vast network that has been built on a successful operating and investment history. Our typical investment ranges from $100,000 to $1,000,000 and is used for either start-up or growth capital. Our activity in the investment depends on the needs of the entrepreneur and life stage of the company.

About US
Green Park & Golf, built on over 50 years of operational and financial experience, seeks investment opportunities that offer above-market returns for its investors. Led by Clay Heighten, M.D., and Carl Soderstrom, the Firm delivers strategic solutions, financial backing and a reliable network to its portfolio companies. The Dallas-based Firm is currently looking for investment opportunities in medical-related start-ups.

Dr. Heighten founded MedicalEdge Healthcare Group in 1993, and Mr. Soderstrom started PhyServe Physician Services in 1998 to administer the financial and operational needs of MedicalEdge. Together, the companies managed over 550 providers in five major markets. In 2011, the companies were sold to Texas Health Resources, a $3.8 billion health care system. That’s when Green Park & Golf was born.

After earning his MBA at Southern Methodist University, Mr. Garcia joined them full-time in May 2011 to actively pursue new investment opportunities and monitor other investments in their portfolio. He has prior professional experience at FedEx, Bold Ventures, and Lone Star Investment Advisors.