Ortho Kinematics Inc.

Ortho Kinematics, Inc. is a spine diagnostics company focused on spine motion analysis products and services. Ortho Kinematics has developed the KineGraph Vertebral Motion Analyzer, which uses fluoroscopy to capture the spine in motion to produce patient-specific graphs of the kinematics for each vertebral level.

MicroTransponder Inc.

The Serenity System™ is being developed by MicroTransponder to treat tinnitus. The Serenity System™ pairs an existing therapy called Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) with listening to tones. VNS is approved by the FDA and has been used to treat over 60,000 patients for epilepsy and depression, but has not yet been evaluated for safety or efficacy to treat tinnitus.

Natural Dental Implants AG

Natural Dental Implants™ AG (Dallas, TX and Berlin, Germany based) is an early-stage dental technology and services company with a disruptive technology – the Replicate™ Non-Surgical Tooth Replacement System. It replaces non-functional teeth with anatomiCally shaped prostheses rather than surgical dental implants. The Replicate Non-surgical Tooth Replacement System(TM) may be used as an alternative to three unit dental bridges and single tooth dental implants. Patients benefit from fewer visits to the dentist and general dentists benefit by performing implants themselves, rather than referring out to a specialist.

*Investigational Device, Not for Sale in the United States, limited by Federal law.


FloChec™ is a device that performs bilateral, multiple-level, non-invasive physiologic studies of upper and lower extremity arteries, (i.e., calculate ankle/brachial indices distal to the posterior tibial and anterior tibial/dorsal pedis arteries providing hard-copy pulse volume waveform recording based on blood volume plethysmography). FloChec can be conveniently utilized right in your office for patients with early P.A.D. warning signs. FloChec has shown high specificity and excellent accuracy in clinical practice with thousands of tests performed each month throughout the United States.

Telemedicine Up Close Inc. (aka DxUpClose)

DxUpClose, Inc. is young company developing a point-of-care bacterial diagnostic that will perform an antibiotic sensitivity test in sixty minutes. The product is designed to screen for specific bacteria, regardless if the sample has the targeted bacteria, it will count the bacteria that are there and perform antibiotic sensitivity tests - all within sixty minutes. At the end of the test, the product will securely send a list of effective antibiotics to the Healthcare worker’s email or smartphone, so results can be rapidly interpreted by a physician who can then either write a prescription or ePrescribe the appropriate antibiotic.

HiE Electronics

Hie Electronics specializes in the development and implementation of dense, Blu-ray multi-tiered optical data storage units and enterprise class digital video recorders. Their flagship product, the TeraStack® Solution, supplies innovative data backup and disaster recovery capabilities, video surveillance file storage, medical data retention, architectural and engineering database file storage, high speed paper scanning and image processingand critical e-mail backup and recovery for small, medium, and large enterprises using Blu-ray optical technology.


Sendinc enables anyone to send and receive military-grade encrypted email in minutes and requires no special technical expertise. There is no required software to purchase, download, or install. There are no keys to generate, publish, or maintain. And anyone can use Sendinc to transmit and receive secure messages FOR FREE.

EdgePoint Power

Demand Response programs are becoming an integral component of the evolving smart grid infrastructure. Large commercial building owners and operators are beginning to realize new sources of revenue available for their willingness to shed energy load during periods of peak consumption. Tenant comfort remains a primary concern for owners and operators; however, EdgePoint minimizes those concerns by providing a robust solution that ensures compliance with demand response events while maintaining comfort levels.

MobileLutions LLC

MobileLutions has developed an easy to use application that disables texting while driving in a moving vehicle. MobileLutions solution requires no hardware installation and can be easily downloaded onto most PDAs, including IPhones and Androids. At least 1.6 million crashes each year or 28% of all traffic crashes involve drivers using cell phones and texting (National Safety Council Jan 2011). Three out of five, or 60% of all drivers with cell phones, use them while driving even though 91% of them know it is unsafe to do so (Harris Interactive July 2011).

TangoTab Inc.

TangoTab was created to offer consumers choices of deals at the restaurants they wanted and when they wanted them. TangoTab offers you many deals, not just one deal a day. A lot of the deals offered by TangoTab are real-time, meaning that restaurants are constantly creating deals that might be valid right away avoiding lengthy waits for the deals to become active. There are no minimum deals removing the ambiguity around activation of deals. TangoTab offers restaurants a great marketing engine with direct control over creating deals in real time basis and with customizable redemption criteria to fill empty seats and offering great value to guests.

Texas Republic Bank

We are a friendly, professional bank committed to providing the best banking experience possible. We call it banking like it ought to be! As a true community bank located in the fastest growing city in the U.S., we have a full complement of products and services to meet needs. We are locally owned and managed so that you can deal with someone who has authority to get you a decision!

Serene Medical Inc.

Serene Medical, Inc. is a medical device company based in San Ramon, CA. Serene has a platform technology system, GFx, based on proven radio frequency technology for nerve ablation that addresses multi-billion dollar aesthetic and therapeutic markets. GFx offers patients compelling advantages over currently available solutions: longer lasting results and a toxin free procedure. To physicians, GFx provides a new revenue stream and new patients for their practice.

Savara Pharmaceuticals

Savara is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company developing innovative pulmonary drugs for the treatment of serious and life-threatening conditions that are inadequately treated with currently available medicines. The company’s lead product, AeroVanc™ (vancomycin hydrochloride inhalation powder), addresses an unmet clinical need in the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). AeroVanc is an inhaled dry powder form of the antibiotic vancomycin in a capsule-based inhaler designed for convenient self-administration. AeroVanc has demonstrated positive safety and tolerability results in a Phase I clinical study conducted in healthy subjects and patients with cystic fibrosis, and Savara is in preparation to initiate a Phase IIa clinical study.